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    CMake Refactor (#2403) · f8f33a44
    Florian Weik authored
    * cmake: Made EspressoConfig into separate target.
    * cmake: Limit scope of gsl dependency
    * core: Moved fft to electrostatics_magnetostatics
    * cmake: Limit scope of fftw3 dependency
    * cmake: Limit scope of scafacos dependency
    * Missing files
    * Formatting
    * config: Fixed python import path
    * cmake: Fixed version symbols
    * Fixed regression
    * core: throw from Scafacos instead of runtimeError
    * scafacos...
    * ...
    * core: Removed Shapes::Maze
    * doc: Removed Maze docs
    * cmake: Explicit dependencies for unit tests.
    * shapes: Made Shape::SlitPore middle plain settable
    * script_interface: Removed interface fore Shapes::Maze
    * cmake: Removed 'LIBRARIES'
    * cmake: Move up definition of 'unit_test'
    * cmake: Removed core sublibraries with cyclic deps
    * cmake: Removed core sublibraries with cyclic deps (cuda)
    * Formatting
    * cmake: Build cpp files in cuda modules with host compiler.
    * cmake: Require cmake 3.10
    * cmake: Guard h5md linking. Moved Vector to utils folder
    * Formatting
    * cmake: Single target for core including CXX and CUDA
    * core: Split up serialization into core and utils
    * cmake: Formatting and buidl cuda interface only when CUDA
    * cmake: Cleanup
    * Formatting
    * cmake: Removed binary dir include dir
    * cmake: scafacos needs mpi
    * cmake: Removed last include_directories
    * core: Moved Scafacos out of core.
    * core: Fixed regression
    * Formatting
    * testsuite: Fixed unit test include paths/deps
    * cmake: Support MPI imported target on older cmake.
    * cmake: Reduce required version to 3.4
    * cmake: Reintrooduce MPI bug workaround.
    * cmake: Fixed build on ubuntu:xenial
    * cmake: Added FindCUDA from cmake 3.9 for imported target support.
    * cmake: Fixed dependency for unit tests
    * cmake: Added add_gpu_library abstraction for all ways to build cuda.
    * cmake: Fixed gpu arch when building cuda with clang.
    * cmake: Removed no longer needed FindHDF5
    * cmake: Fixed regression
    * cmake: Removed cmake version requirement in subdir.
    * doc: Document SlitPore.dividing_plane
    * cmake: Moved stuff around
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