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# Contributing to ESPResSo
[contributing-to-espresso]: #contributing-to-espresso
Thank you for your interest in contributing to ESPResSo! There
are many ways to contribute and we appreciate all of them. This
document is a quite lengthy, so here is a list of links to the
major sections:
* [New Features](#new-features)
* [Bug Reports](#bug-reports)
* [Pull Requests](#pull-requests)
* [Writing Documentation](#writing-documentation)
* [Helpful Links and Information](#helpful-links-and-information)
If you have questions, please make a post on [the developers
mailing list][mailing-list].
## New Features
[new-features]: #new-features
If you plan to create a new feature for ESPResSo, it is
*absolutely essential* that you first post your plan on [the
developers mailing list][mailing-list]. This way we can give you
useful tips how to go about a successful integration and can
point out possibly reusable code. Maybe your feature even exists
already and you just didn't notice it, so we want to save you the
## Bug Reports
[bug-reports]: #bug-reports
We cannot fix bugs we don't know about, so please report
liberally. If you are unsure whether something is a bug or not,
feel free to file a bug anyway.
To fix your problem quickly it is essential that we have an easy
way to reproduce your bug. Therefore you should include in your
report the *desired behavior*, a *specific problem or error* and
*the shortest script necessary* to reproduce it. Ideally you
also include the affected version and list of features activated
in `myconfig.hpp`.
## Pull Requests
[pull-requests]: #pull-requests
Pull requests are the primary mechanism we use to change
ESPResSo. GitHub itself has some [great documentation][pull-requests]
on using the Pull Request feature. We use the "fork and pull"
model [described here][development-models], where contributors
push changes to their personal fork and create pull requests to
bring those changes into the source repository.
Please make pull requests against the `python` branch.
We have a continuous integration system for automated testing,
which runs on all pull requests to see whether new additions play
nicely with the existing code. Because it takes a long time for
all the tests to be completed, you might want to run `make check`
with the settings from `maintainer/configs/maxset.hpp` locally
All pull requests are reviewed by one or more of the ESPResSo
core team members.
## Writing Documentation
[writing-documentation]: #writing-documentation
Documentation improvements are very welcome. The source of it is
located in `doc/sphinx` in the tree, and standard API documentation
is generated from the source code itself.
To find documentation-related issues, filter using the
[Documentation label][issues-doc].
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