Commit 272a3612 authored by Michael Kuron's avatar Michael Kuron Committed by Florian Weik

Convert between Python and C strings in script interface (#1103)

Fixes #1101
parent 01d3be59
from espressomd.utils import to_char_pointer
from espressomd.utils import to_char_pointer, to_str
cdef class PScriptInterface:
def __init__(self, name=None, policy="GLOBAL"):
......@@ -29,7 +29,7 @@ cdef class PScriptInterface:
parameters = []
for p in self.sip.get().valid_parameters():
return parameters
......@@ -159,14 +159,14 @@ cdef class PScriptInterface:
raise Exception("Unkown type")
def get_parameter(self, name):
cdef Variant value = self.sip.get().get_parameter(name)
cdef Variant value = self.sip.get().get_parameter(to_char_pointer(name))
return self.variant_to_python_object(value)
def get_params(self):
cdef map[string, Variant] params = self.sip.get().get_parameters()
odict = {}
for pair in params:
odict[pair.first] = self.variant_to_python_object(pair.second)
odict[to_str(pair.first)] = self.variant_to_python_object(pair.second)
return odict
......@@ -184,7 +184,7 @@ class ScriptInterfaceHelper(PScriptInterface):
def __getattr__(self, attr):
if attr in self._valid_parameters():
return self.get_parameter(attr)
return self.get_parameter(to_char_pointer(attr))
return self.__dict__[attr]
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